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Processes of Educational Research

 Processes of Educational Research Meaning of Educational Research: Educational Research as nothing but cleansing of educational Research is nothing but cleansing of educational process. Many experts think Educational Research as under- According to Mouly, “Educational Research is the systematic application of scientific method for solving for solving educational problem.” Travers thinks, “Educational Research is the activity for developing science of behavior in educational situations. It allows the educator to achieve his goals effectively.” According to Whitney, “Educational Research aims at finding out solution of educational problems by using scientific philosophical method.” Thus, Educational Research is to solve educational problem in systematic and scientific manner, it is to understand, explain, predict and control human behavior.   THE EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH PROCESS: The steps in the process of Educational Research includes. 1-Identifying and Limiting a Research Topic

Characteristics of Educational Research

Characteristics of Educational Research Characteristics of Educational Research: 1. Begins with a question in the mind of researcher. It is directed towards the solution of a problem in the field of education and to determine the relations between problems and phenomena of the nature of problem encountered. 2. Requires a plan. It emphasizes the development of generalizations, principles or theories that will be helpful in prediction future occurrences. Generally educational research goes beyond the specific objects, groups of situations investigated and infers characteristics of a target population from the sample observed. It attempts only what can be verified by observation, certain interesting questions do not tend themselves to research procedures. Educational research is based on insight and imaginations, it needs the service of man who looks beyond the present and also requires interdisciplinary approach. It is related to the study of complex relations about facts. Although r

Meaning and Definitions of Research

 Meaning and Definitions of Research    Introduction : In this modern world of innovation and betterment of knowledge and construction of articulated information, Research become one of the pathway of knowledge development. Scientific construction of knowledge and process of searching for newly arising quarries is the seed of Research. The term “Research” derived from Latin word “To know” or “to go about searching”. This term was first used in 1577     Meaning of Research: If we try to find out literal meaning of the term “Research”, we can find it simply made of prefix “Re” and word “Search”, so we can say it is searching again . Research means search of searched to elicit and establish some fact on the basis of known knowledge. Research is difficult to define. Too many people misuse the word. For example, some faculty claim to do Research to prepare for a class, every week,. What they usually mean is they read or reread material that they will be presenting or discussing in class

Characteristics of Research

Characteristics of Research  Introduction                                      Research is an original and systematic investigation undertaken to increase existing knowledge and understanding of the unknown to establish facts and principles. Some people consider research as a way of discovery of new knowledge. It comprises the creation of ideas and the generation of new knowledge that leads the development of new materials, devices, products, processes etc. It should have the potentials to produce results that are sufficiently relevant to increase, correct and correlate previous knowledge. Research produces theories and hypotheses and attempt to analyze facts and phenomena.                                 The word ‘research’ perhaps originates from the old French word  “recerchier”  that meant to ‘ search again.’  It assumes that the earlier search was not completed so a repeated search is needed.                                  In practice, the term ‘research’ refers to a scientif