Idina Menzels Love of Tennis
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Idina Menzels Love of Tennis

Idina Menzels Love of Tennis
Idina Menzels Love of Tennis

Idina Menzel is known for her powerful voice and her starring roles in Broadway musicals like “Rent” and “Wicked.” But did you know that she’s also a big fan of tennis?

Menzel has said that she started playing tennis when she was a teenager, and she’s been a fan of the sport ever since. She’s even been known to hit the courts with some of her celebrity friends, like Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells.

In a recent interview, Menzel talked about her love of tennis. She said that she loves the challenge of the sport, and she also enjoys the mental and physical benefits that it provides.

“Tennis is a great way to stay in shape,” Menzel said. “It’s also a great way to relieve stress. When I’m on the court, I can forget about everything else and just focus on the game.”

Menzel is not the only celebrity who loves tennis. Other stars who are known for their love of the sport include Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and David Beckham.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit and have some fun, tennis is a great option. And who knows, you might even run into Idina Menzel on the court someday!

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